About GHP

GHP is a Swedish health care provider that conducts both out-patient and in-patient care in the Nordic countries and the United Arab Emirates. Our clinics focus on a specific patient group, which leads to higher quality, efficiency and patient safety.

Our 18 clinics focus on quality, continuity and efficiency and it is our conviction that this comes from a high degree of specialisation. We believe quite simply that the more you do something, the better the result. The larger the patient groups with similar specific medical conditions, the more skilful our health care teams become, and it should be remembered that they were already very knowledgeable from the outset. All our clinics therefore focus on a specific patient group, with the aim of being leaders within this specialty – “Quality through specialisation”.

We always put our patients first and it is their needs that underpin what care is offered. We are accessible, follow the patients throughout the course of treatment and receive each individual person in a positive manner and with great commitment. This inspires great confidence in us and at the end of the day leads to satisfied patients and to us offering good-quality health care.

Today we are a strong option when patients choose a care provider from our different specialties and we see ourselves as an important alternative to public health care. We offer leading specialist competence from the very first time that patients come into contact with health care and these specialists then follow the patient throughout the course of treatment. Irrespective of whether you are a County Council patient, have health care insurance or are paying privately, you are able to seek care at our clinics.

Our clinics are attractive workplaces for specialised staff who are given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to what they are best at. There is an open atmosphere here and decisions can be made quickly, and our more than 400 employees are given constant feedback on their work. The units are run in a decentralised structure where everyone’s efforts are seen, and there are great opportunities to influence the development of the work done.

Research and development

Despite the high level of health care, we constantly want to be better and be at the leading edge of our specialties. We do this, for example, through development and innovation regarding different methods and processes and through training and research. We measure the quality of what we do thoroughly and are transparent and open regarding the results. Not only is there internal collaboration between our own clinics, but we also have external cooperation and projects with primary care, County Councils, universities and the major hospitals.

GHP encourages research and sees it as an important part of development work. Furthermore, it creates interesting workplaces and attracts skilled staff. Doctors at several of our clinics set aside time for research.

We feel a great responsibility for the training of the next generation’s specialists and therefore actively help to find solutions to facilitate this. We have a number of Specialty Training programmes at our clinics and train specialists in spine surgery and orthopaedics, for example.


Since 2006 GHP has been listed on the Stock Exchange. This requires, amongst other things, that we are open about our results. We have nothing to hide and are proud of what we achieve: cost-efficient care of high quality that is profitable for society, for us, and perhaps most important of all – for the individual patient.