Spine Surgery/Spine Care

In this diagnostic area we perform spine surgery and rehabilitation. This means that we treat spine problems from the neck down to the base of the spine.

Spine and neck disorders are some of the most common conditions restricting us in our daily lives due to the pain. As we place higher and higher demands on how we function and on quality of life, even when we are older, the need for a well-functioning body increases.

In recent years, clinical studies based on modern research and development have shown that there are methods, both surgical and non-surgical, that can alleviate and even cure several of these disorders. There is therefore also an increased need for early professional care aimed at making the right diagnosis and starting the right treatment.

At GHP’s clinics great emphasis is placed on offering a holistic view of the problems that the patient has and experiences. This means that we have spine surgeons, general practitioners, pain specialists, physiotherapists and psychologists working for us.


GHP Stockholm Spine Center,

GHP Stockholm Spine Center is Sweden’s largest spine clinic and is leading in the surgical treatment of spine conditions. The clinic’s services include physiotherapy and pain rehabilitation and it is at the forefront of research and the introduction of new treatment methods.

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GHP Spine Center, Gothenburg

GHP Spine Center Gothenburg is a highly specialised unit that offers professional and individualised care of patients with problems caused by diseases of the throat, chest and base of the spine. GHP Spine Center Gothenburg also has its own physiotherapy unit for a complete chain of care.

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GHP Spine Center, Skåne

GHP Spine Center was founded in the autumn of 2015 and is operated in close cooperation with GHP Spine Center Göteborg. GHP Spine Center Skånes specialist surgeons have years of experience to assess and treat patients with diseases and disorders of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine.

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GHP Gildhöj Privathospital, Copenhagen

GHP Gildhöj Privathospital Copenhagen is renowned in the world of sport and Team Denmark has chosen to collaborate with our clinic. The clinic offers treatment of sports injuries, spine surgery, rheumatology, MR scanning, ultrasound examinations and digital X-rays.

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