Specialist Dentistry

GHP’s three clinics together are Sweden’s largest provider of private specialist dentistry. Specialists collaborate under the same roof in our highly specialised clinics, which means that we can have a holistic view of each patient. Our specialist dentistry comprises several different types of specialised treatment, including implants, periodontitis, endodontics, X-ray diagnosis, oral prosthetics, bite physiology and jaw surgery.


GHP Specialisttandläkarna, Stockholm

GHP Specialisttandläkarna Stockholm offers specialist dentistry focusing on implants and oral prosthetics in addition to general dentistry. We have specialist dentists in jaw surgery, oral prosthetics and parodontology (tooth mobility) with long experience of specialist dentistry.

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GHP Specialisttandläkarna, Nacka

GHP Specialisttandläkarna Nacka is Sweden’s largest privare unit for specialist dentistry. In addition to implant treatment, the clinic carries out surgical treatment of the jaws and dental prosthetic specialist care.

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GHP Specialisttandläkarna, Norrköping

GHP Specialisttandläkarna Norrköping offers a wide range of specialist dentistry. At the clinic there are specialist dentists with many years’ experience of jaw surgery, oral prosthetics and bite physiology (anatomy of the chewing system). The clinic also offers treatment in the fields of implants, tooth mobility and root treatment.

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