GHP’s clinics in the Gastro area have a broad range of diagnostic methods for and treatments of different gastrointestinal conditions. The diagnostic methods are also part of the treatment and include gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Medical treatment of inflammatory intestinal diseases has progressed in recent years and grown as a specialty in the diagnostic area.


GHP Stockholm Gastro Center,

GHP Stockholm Gastro Center works in the fields of medical gastroenterology and endoscopy and is one of the largest specialist clinics in the area in Sweden. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy examinations are performed here, as well as investigations and treatment of patients with inflammatory intestinal diseases.

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GHP Gastro Center, Skåne

GHP Gastro Center Skåne investigates and treats diseases and problems in the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and male genital organs. The clinic offers care carried out by very experienced and carefully selected specialists.

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